A Love Letter from Mummy (22 November, 2015)

My darlingĀ Gini

A letter from Mummy when you were just a wee baby! Is that exciting? It certainly is for me as I sit here writing this letter to the future you while your current self is blissfully napping in my arms! I am imagining you as a beautiful young girl, sitting at a laptop (or whatever device you will be using then) and reading a letter from her mummy. I might be just a few feet away or you might be enjoying a private moment. Away from mummy to be with mummy’s letters. What fun!

Let me tell you about you. You are just shy of being a 6 month old baby. In fact, you will be 6 months old in 6 days from now. You have just had a breakfast of oatmeal and banana mash. But since it was time for your mid-morning nap, even yummy banana could not lift your spirits. You were crying and it broke my heart to see you like that. So, I picked you up from your rocker and brought you to the bedroom. I gave you some milk and in no time, you fell asleep. Your hair is all disheveled. You are wearing a pretty floral frock along with your pajamas underneath! Your lips are slightly apart. Do you know, you are a picture of an angel. I know all mothers feel that way about their babies but I promise you, you truly are an angel! What did I do to deserve you? I love you so much my baby, my heart swells uncontrollably every time I even try to imagine how much I love you. I will not attempt to tell you how deeply and crazily I love you because it is pointless. I will never have the words to express myself!himage

Your Papa has just entered the bedroom. He was in the other bedroom doing what he does most often, playing his guitar. Now he has plonked himself noisily in bed to take a nap himself. All the squirming he does in bed has stirred you slightly but you are still sleeping. Your Papa is such a bear. Especially with his long hair and his beard. A cute grizzly bear! He loves playing with you. He is trying to teach you to sit. As you probably know, I am annoyingly overprotective when it comes to you. I keep telling him to handle you gently but behind my back, I know he tries funny things with you. Like trying to make you sit without support, forcing you to eat your feet etc.

Oh! You are really stirring now. You are such a light napper. It has only been 30 minutes and you are already beginning to wake yourself up. I better be ready for you. I will write again very soon.

I love you!

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