9 Month Old Baby Routine

imageDear time,

You seem to be in a tearing hurry. Is there somewhere you urgently need to be? If not, may I request you to slow down a little? Your pace is making me dizzy. Thanks!

Yours truly,

I feel a funny sensation in my tummy, a tightening in my throat just by thinking that baby Gini is 9 months old. Noooo. How can that be? I just got her home from the hospital last night! And you are telling me she will be celebrating her birthday in three months?

*Leans on a wall to steady herself*

Okay, whether I accept it or not, my baby is 9 months old. She has been outside my womb longer than she was inside. This makes me rather teary, just how I felt when 2015 gave way to 2016, knowing that the year she was born in had come to an end. Time is a slippery slope. Sometimes, it feels like an endlessly long sleepless night. And sometimes, it feels just how I feel right now. Without getting deeper into the contradiction that is the mother’s heart, let’s dive right into my 9 month old baby’s schedule:

7:00 am – Gini wakes up all smiles, ready to take on the new day. She then proceeds to wake me up (I am already up by then by I pretend I am sleeping, hoping she gets the hint and lies down too. Fail!) and places herself on my chest. I oblige, giving her the first milk feed of the day.

I change her diaper right after the feed.

8:30 am – It’s breakfast time in our household. Her breakfast includes some fruit, cereal, and yogurt. It is followed by a drink of water or rooibos tea.

9:30 am – By this time, we have eaten, sent daddy packing and washed up. Now, it’s time for a nap. Gini’s first nap of the day. She likes to breastfeed for a while before she dozes off.

10:00 am/10:30 am – Gini is up by now! Her morning nap lasts anywhere between 30 to 60 mins, mostly around 45mins. I change her diaper.

10:30 am to 12:00 pm – Play time! This includes playing inside as well as out. We don’t go out everyday, especially on days when it’s too sunny outside. The South African sun can be merciless. When we do go out, we take a football that Gini likes to kick about. I also sit on our swing, with Gini on my lap. From the swing, we watch the birds that gather around the feeder or the bird bath. When indoors, Gini loves to play with her xylophone, Big Eyes (the minion), Lola the bunny and other friends.

12:00 pm – Gini gets a drink (usually water) and her lunch which includes a protein (chicken or pulses), 4-5 veggies, rice and some yogurt or cheese.

12:30 pm to 2:00 pm – Gini plays on the floor and watches mummy eat and wash up. By 2:00 pm, she begins to get quite fussy. I hurry to get her before she has a meltdown.

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm/3:30 pm – Gini is changed and breastfed before she naps.

3:30 pm to 4:00 pm – Gini plays with Juliet while I get started with dinner.

4:00 pm – Gini gets a snack. It’s usually dairy and fruit. Also, some water.

4:30 pm – Bye-bye, Juliet. It’s just Mummy and Gini now before daddy is home. Sometimes she takes a milk feed, sometimes not.

4:30 pm to 5:30 pm – Gini is very busy playing, crawling, scooting, snatching my biscuit and throwing it. I read or try to, at least.

5:30 pm – Daddy is home. After drinking a cuppa steaming tea, daddy plays with Gini while I lol around/play with them/get her dinner ready.

7:00 pm – Dinner for baby which is mostly similar to her lunch without the dairy. She starts to get sleepy and hence fussy. Sometimes, it can take an hour. Mostly not. After dinner, she gets a drink.

Between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm – Gini’s bath. It is followed by massage, fresh diaper, dressing in her PJs, prayers and lullabies. The entire process takes 15-20 minutes.

Latest by 8:15 pm – Bed time for baby. This is the hardest part as Gini hasn’t been sleep trained. She needs a feed and then some rocking to go down. Not proud of this 😔

This is our current routine. It isn’t perfect, just something that’s working for us now. I am always looking to better it and I try not to get too attached as baby routines and schedules change all the time. What’s your baby’s routine?

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