Currently I am…

I have always loved ‘nosy’ blog posts. What’s in my handbag, what’s in my diaper bag, house tour posts are some of my favourites. I wanted to do something similar. And when I saw the ‘Currently’ posts popping up, I knew I had to try my hand at it too.

So here it is, my take on the ‘Currently I am’ posts:

Currently I am…enjoying reading once again.


After Gini’s birth, I had somehow fallen out with reading. I didn’t have the time or the inclination to sit through an entire book and that scared me. It couldn’t be happening to me, I couldn’t be breaking up with my oldest, most-trusted friend. Thankfully, we are back on good terms. I have just finished Tideline by Penny Hancock and am halfway through Little Night by Luanne Rice. While I am waiting for Hancock to write more, I am amazed I had never heard of Luanne Rice before now, seeing that she has written 31 books. According to Goodreads, Little Night is not the author’s best work but for someone like me who hasn’t read anything by her before, this is shaping up to be a fabulous book.

Currently I am…trying to take care of myself after the long neglect.
For a while, I had forgotten I am a living, breathing individual too, not just Gini’s mummy. The woman who stared at me from the looking-glass bore only a faint resemblance to someone I once knew. I think I caught myself right when I was about to tip over. Now, I am making it a point to feel and not just ‘be.’ I watch the news, try to understand things without taking sides, eat the rainbow, take my supplements and make it a point to apply hand cream often. 😊

Currently I am…reading lots of mummy blogs!


It’s my favourite part of the day and I passionately look forward to it. As soon as Gini is down for the night, I curl up with my phone and go through my favourites, feeling warm and snug inside. My absolute favourite are Ysis Lorenna and Anna Saccone!

If you love reading about parenting or beauty, you can’t miss this.

So, what are you guys doing currently?

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