Dental Hygiene and Care for Babies: Nuby Baby Tooth and Gum Cleaner Review


I had imagined giving baths to baby much before she was born but brushing her tiny little teeth even before her 1st birthday was something that had never occurred to me. Heck, I didn’t even have a clue when the teething shebang kicked in and the pearly whites started popping out. *hides her face* So it’s safe to say that I was totally oblivious to the dental hygiene side of things for babies.

With our little lady having milk, fruits, vegetables, cereals and even meat throughout the day, it started gnawing on my head that something needed to be done about her dental care. The bubbles baths, oil massages, lotions, shampoos all had their place but how could something as important as dental hygiene be amiss from Gini’s daily grooming routine? A few clicks of the keypad and Google promptly told me everything that I was missing out on. I knew I had to take action and make amends.

After some research, I made up my mind to give regular baby toothbrushes a wide berth and opt instead for a silicone finger brush. When I spotted Nuby Baby Tooth and Gum Cleaner on the aisles of Baby City, I decided to give it a whirl.

imageThe Nuby Baby Tooth and Gum Cleaner is an all natural and fluoride free tooth gel for babies. The pack also comes with a silicone finger brush that can be used to clean and massage baby’s teeth and gums. The gel is safe if ingested which is a great relief since my 10 month old obviously doesn’t know to spit it out. I tasted the gel before putting it in Gini’s mouth and it is very pleasant with no sting that we usually associate with adult toothpastes. The silicone brush is extremely soft and delicate and Gini loved being massaged with it. So much so, she refused to let go off my finger.


The only thing I disliked about the product is the hefty price tag. At R74.90 for a tiny tube worth 75oz of product, I am unlikely to repurchase it ever again. Now that I have the brush, I will look at other natural baby gels and pastes to keep up with baby’s dental care routine.

If you are looking to start taking care of your child’s teeth, I suggest getting a silicone finger brush (widely available at drugstores) over a regular toothbrush. If you have suggestions for a cheaper toothpaste/gel, I am listening!

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  1. Great reading. .I admit that being a veteran, in this respect, we become oblivion to our past experiences once childhood parenting is over.yet with all these gestures we learn a lot , groom ourselves better that also strengthens the mom.and child bonding.


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