Bonding with Daddy: The magic of the father-daughter bond


Sometimes, they make each other laugh in a way that the echoes stay in my heart long after they have vanished from my ears. Sometimes, they can’t get enough of each other. Pulling faces (he), pulling out hair (she), bouncing on his chest, engulfing her in big daddy hugs, they make a racket that relaxes me like no silence ever can. There are also times when they can’t bear to be in the same room. When Gini is hungry or grizzly and would only be soothed by mummy, she turns her head away from Daddy who leaves the room huffing, rejection from his infant daughter sitting on his heart like a dead weight. But moments later, they are back to being goofy with each other.

As someone who has always cherished a toasty-warm relationship with her father, I can see the shadows of the moments I spent with him in these everyday Gini-Daddy moments. It’s a fizzy, happy feeling to be a part of these moments; an even happier feeling to witness the special father-daughter bond strengthen from the wings. It’s quite amazing, this love that grips you when the two people you love the most are showing their love for each other. Does it make sense? I am not sure but it is true! Every little embrace they share, every silly game they play makes a fondant of my heart.

While blogs and articles about a mother’s love or the mother-child relationship abound (and rightfully so), I believe the fathers too need a nod of approval for the swell jobs they do in ways that only they can. A strong father-daughter bond is the bedrock of a daughter’s emotional maturity. A girl’s life is enriched everyday by the mere presence of her father.

I think back to the times when Gini was a newborn, my husband came marching forward with help right from changing nappies to dressing to rocking her to sleep at 3am. When she was miserable with nasty ‘colic’, it was Daddy and Daddy alone who was her biggest comfort. Her red-faced screams whittled down to whimpers when she passed hands and landed in his lap. He would scoop her up in one arm and gently pat her with the other, rocking and dancing merrily.

It is ridiculously early to be thinking of Gini’s tweens and teens but whenever I dare to tempt fate and dream a little daydream, I often see Gini ganging up with Daddy, confiding in him as he keeps a watch out for problematic boyfriends and shields her from mummy’s wrath over a missed curfew. I must confess, these daydreams leave me with a silly wide smile (though only time will tell how graceful I am when faced with hormone-enabled disobedience and rebellion) and a prayer on my lips. A prayer for the loving father-daughter bond that the pair of them has fostered.

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  1. I immensely enjoyed reading this post. Ur a very sensitive and a keen observer to understand and the subtleties of family bonding.I admire how both of u, coordinate and share ur role in grooming Gini .God bless you all.


  2. Enjoyed reading this post . You’re sensitive and a keen observer to understand the sentiments and subtleties of family bonding. .I really admire how both of you coordinate and share ur roles in parenting and grooming our little gini.Stay blessed.


  3. I love this. I’m always checking the ‘father’s love’ tag because I too feel honored to be witnessing that kind of love in my life right now as my husband and daughter grow their bond. Thanks so much for sharing.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping to comment. Isn’t it wonderful, the love that exists between father and child? I hope more and more parents come forward to talk about it.


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