Currently I Am…

Hello, everyone! I am back with the second installation of my Currently I am series. If you missed the first one, you can find it here.

So much is going on in life! My hands are full and the proverbial cup is overflowing. I wake up by seven or just past and before I know it, it’s 1030am! I get baby to go down for her first nap, prepare her lunch and it is suddenly 1pm. Despite the planning I put into structuring my days, I hardly ever find a moment to really put my feet up and relax.

I am not complaining but I find myself doing something all day. When sometimes some well meaning friends, family or acquaintances claim to be ‘jealous’ of my lifestyle (read: a stay at home mum), I can’t help feel bitter. I feel like retorting with a grumbling ‘try to put yourself in my shoes’ response but I always bite my tongue. Why? Because I would never, not for any riches or comforts, let anyone be in my shoes for even a millisecond! I would never ever trade my life for any other, irrespective of how busy it is.

Okay, long, rambling intro over. Now let’s get into the actual blog post, shall we? 😊 (Full marks for patience if you are still here and have made it thus far into the post without skipping paragraphs)

So what am I doing currently? Read on to find out!

Currently I am…getting thrilled to bits about Gini turning one!
I am finally over the shock that my baby is fast striding towards toddlerhood. And now, I am really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, we don’t know too many kids to have over for a little party for her. But party she will have. A small affair for the little girl as I don’t want to upset her with too many faces staring at her. Just some cake, cookies and drinks a day before the real birthday. On D Day, it will be family time. Daddy, Mummy and Gini will cosy up and go somewhere she is likely to enjoy. I have already bought half of her outfit and the cutest little crown clips. Fingers crossed she doesn’t feel poorly around then!

Currently I am…trying to transition Gini from the family bed to her crib.
We have considered sleep training Gini for a while but I have always developed cold feet at the thought of the tears it might involve. I know I don’t have the patience to do the gentler but longer method. So for now, we are going about trying to get her accustomed to sleeping in the cot. So every night, Daddy puts her to sleep in her cot. Then we let her sleep there for as long as possible. If she wakes up in an hour, we rock her and put her back in the cot. But if she wakes around midnight or later, I bring her back to bed. I know I should put her back in the cot but it seems like so much work at that hour! But that’s my goal and slowly, I am trying to extend her stay in the cot.

Currently I am…feeling fuzzy looking at 1st birthday party pics online (Pintrest mostly).
Need I say more?

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