10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me…


Hello friends,

I realise there isn’t much information about me here apart from the fact that I am mum to my almost-toddler, Gini. I saw a tag post over at Lindsay’s blog (check it out, it’s cool!) and decided to give it a whirl just to help you identify with the woman behind the words a tad bit more. Enjoy!

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

1. I got married in 2014 to a guy I had briefly known in middle school. Back in the day, I couldn’t stand him. In this blog, he is affectionately known as Daddy.

2. I gave up my job as a content developer after meeting my then-boyfriend to get married and move to South Africa. I used to develop educational material for kids and also wrote parenting articles. Guess that’s how I got interested in the whole parent blogging thing.

3. I am average looking (5 feet 5 inches and 51kgs), wear glasses at home and feel most comfortable wearing shorts and tees at home and jeans outside of it.

4. My hair is naturally black. Not coffee, not dark brown but totally black. I have worn it long and straight till my waist and have also sported a pixie cut. I am growing out the pixie right now and when left alone, my hair looks like a mushroom these days.

5. I am not a big fan of any kinds of drinks including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milkshake, juice, cordial, wine etc. I want to like tea and I guess I do. But I am not as crazy for it as I want to be.

6. I love baking and eating cakes A LOT.

7. Gini is my second baby. My first is a furry baby. A Lhasa Apso called Bonzai who is now living with his maternal grandparents in India. I miss him 😭

8. Apart from India and South Africa, I have also lived in the U.K for just over a year.

9. I love reading! No, make that adore. I just adore reading! The neighbourhood library is my favourite place in the whole of Cape Town! The hospital where I gave birth is my second favourite place.

10. I dislike cats, loud places/people, crowded spaces, sunny weather, TV shows about cars and bikes, fruits, washing dishes, removing chipped nail polish, folding clothes, and restaurants with lengthy menus with everything under the sun (from burgers and fries to Indian, Mexican, Italian etc.). I also don’t like being told to do things any other way than I want to do them.

Was this fun? Or was it TMI? Let me know, people. I tag all my readers to do this. If you do, leave a link below to your posts. Ciao!


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