Boardbooks for Toddlers: Gini’s Favourites

I must be honest, I have dreamt of having bookworms for kids for as far back as I can remember. I cherish my memories of discussing books and authors with my father and I hope to do the same with my young one day. But when Gini showed very little interest in story time (she... Continue Reading →

Surviving the 1st Year of Parenthood

I have been a parent for a year now. I have survived the first year of parenthood. Unbelievable? Yes. Unbelievably tough? Oh yes. But even so, unbelievably incredibly wonderful? You bet! In some senses, the warm sensation of giving birth is still coursing through every part of my being. But in a lot of other... Continue Reading →

Gini Turns 1: 12th Month Baby Update

It happened. Time flew. 365 days came and went and my little baby made the momentous leap from babyhood to toddler territory. I remember sitting on my swing 6 months back and thinking, my baby isn't a newborn anymore. Sitting at the same place, I am pondering if my baby is a baby anymore as... Continue Reading →

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