Gini Turns 1: 12th Month Baby Update

It happened. Time flew. 365 days came and went and my little baby made the momentous leap from babyhood to toddler territory. I remember sitting on my swing 6 months back and thinking, my baby isn’t a newborn anymore. Sitting at the same place, I am pondering if my baby is a baby anymore as officially, she is now a ‘toddler.’ It is a bittersweet feeling so I decide not to mull over labels.

Gini’s 11th month went flying by. So much happened last month. Looking back, the last two months were perhaps my most favourite months of baby’s first year. Here’s a low down:
* Gini is still above the median in height and almost touching it in weight. She continues to wear the 12-18m size for pants and 9-12m for the tops. Nappies are size 4.

* Gini is toddling around happily and with confidence! Be it indoors or out in the garden, walking is one thing that she can’t get enough of. Miss Independent pulls her hand away if I try to hold it and moves around with a lot of speed. Like most babies her age, she has no sense of danger and tries to pull the scariest of stunts imaginable.

* One of Gini’s lateral incisors (top) and a molar (bottom) have cut through. Another molar is on its way. Oh dear, molars are bad. They have made Gini miserable, almost inconsolable, many times this month. As of today, Gini has a grand total of 8 teeth.

* The biggest story this month is related to Gini’s sleep. She has managed to teach herself to sleep through the night (11-12 hours), hurray! We sleep trained her last month (read how we did it here) and ever since, she has been pulling all nighters (touch wood!) with only two exceptions in between. Once when she developed a nappy rash (thanks, teething-related acid poo) and once when the molar was cutting through. On both occasions, I went in to soothe her and cuddled her till she was comfortable enough to go back to sleep. Doing so hasn’t undone what she has learnt. It has, however, saved her the heartache of struggling through these painful times alone. She is also taking two naps but they are all over the place.

* As a result of sleeping through the night, Gini is partially weaned now. She has two breastfeeds a day (right after she wakes up and before bedtime) and none in the middle of the night. I don’t mind doing this for as long as she wants.

* Gini has cow’s milk during the day, three main meals and two snacks. My go-to resources for snack ideas are My Little Moppet and Cook Eat Love Grow. Thanks to the ladies behind these incredible sources, Gini has been enjoying a wide variety of healthy, tasty treats.

* Gini continues to love nursery rhymes and cartoons. But since she is more interested in walking, the cartoons have been moved down the priority list and I couldn’t be happier. Current favourite rhyme is If You’re Happy and You Know It and TV shows are Nouky and Friends and Barney.

* Gini can now clap and wave bye-bye like a pro! She has recently learned to touch her head when asked to and give high fives. She can’t get enough of showing off and we can’t get enough of watching her do these. It’s the cutest thing!

* Gini continues to babble in her own language. The only partially intelligible words she says are shoe that sound more like ‘phoo’ at times and truck that is more like ‘traah’.

* I don’t want to jinx it but I can’t contain myself either. My darling baby is slowly turning into a bookworm. She spends a lot of time leafing through her books, happily babbling to herself as she looks intently at the pictures, touches them, and smiles at them. Most of her books are boardbooks. She was recently gifted a touch and feel book by our friends which is now a firm favourite.

* Gini is in love with that old mouse, Mickey!

Here are some pics from the tiny celebration we had for her on her birthday eve. On the actual day, we had a few outings as a family and I am so thankful that she was in the best of spirits and had a giggly day!





(Gini’s top and skirt are by Cotton On)


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