Boardbooks for Toddlers: Gini’s Favourites

I must be honest, I have dreamt of having bookworms for kids for as far back as I can remember. I cherish my memories of discussing books and authors with my father and I hope to do the same with my young one day.

But when Gini showed very little interest in story time (she just wouldn’t sit still for the story; she was only interested in snatching the book and tearing its pages), I began to lose heart. But as has become the norm, Gini surprised me pleasantly! She still doesn’t sit still when I am reading to her (any tips, people?) but give her her favourite books and she can amuse herself for minutes on end which is saying a lot for a super active toddler.

Gini leafs through her books, pores over the colourful images, smiles to herself and even licks the pages at times. We have gone through lots of books but the four mentioned here are her favoutites:

* Ladybird Touch-and-Feel Baa Baa Black Sheep: Gini’s favourite by far! The wooly black sheep, the furry spider, the shiny smooth piggy, the rough mouse and the Gingham-clad little Bo Peep inside keep Gini enthralled. The beautiful purple spider is what she likes best.


* Winnie-the-Pooh Here Comes Tigger: I love Winnie-the-Pooh illustrations and this book is no exception. What’s more, so does Gini. There is liberal use of her favourite colour yellow in here which is what makes the book such a hit with her. It’s not too wordy but the story is fun to read and charming.

* If I Could Keep You Little by Marianne Richmond: It is as much mummy’s favourite as it is Gini’s. A poignant bittersweet tale with beautiful illustrations, this book will appeal to kids and mothers alike. If I could keep Gini little, I would sit and watch her play with her books for hours but I also want her to grow up so I can read the story to her and enjoy a cuddle while we are at it.


* We Love Each Other by Yusuke Yonezu: This is probably the most unique of all the board books we have ever read. The illustrations are bright but clean. The pages aren’t cluttered. What’s more, there is a surprise every time you turn a page. The story about love being present everywhere is beautiful and I hope Gini is already sensing some of it.

We are always looking to find new gems so suggestions are welcome!


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