Gini at 21 Months

Gini turned 22 months old on Wednesday. I won’t get into clichéd waters and wonder how quickly the months are passing because I have surrendered. I have surrendered to the fact that time will fly, no matter how hard I try to stop it. So I don’t. I don’t try to stop it anymore. I just go from day to day, enjoying the good bits and knowing that the bad bits will pass, no matter how hard they might seem momentarily.


When it comes to Gini’s communication skills and personality development, this last month has been a month of wonders. But if I am a hundred percent honest, I must also say that the month has also been one of the hardest. Gini’s separation anxiety and clinginess have peaked making it hard to go anywhere, bathroom and kitchen included, without a little human hanging from my legs.

Gini’s vocabulary is racing ahead as she is picking up a few new words everyday. She is also stringing words to form coherent sentences. Things like, “More grapes”, “Where are you, Mama” or “Now bath, then brushy-brushy, then sleepy sleep” never fail to light up my days. I will admit, some of the words and phrases she uses are only understood by me but it’s the effort that counts, hey? Also, at this age, they improve at breakneck speed and the results are, quite often, overnight.


While earlier she could only communicate in English, Gini can also say a few sentences in her mother tongue now which is all the more endearing. She can count up to ten and say a few random numbers between 11 and 20. She recognises most of the letters of the alphabet thanks to the fridge magnets we got for her.

Gini now recognises about ten colours including the sometimes confusing, grey. She can name shapes like rectangle, square, circle, semi-circle, triangle, trapezium, heart, oval, star, and diamond. She often uses them in sentences like, “Wow, circle ball”, which is ever so cute. When reading her shapes books, she names colours and shapes of things at the same time which amazes me and makes me wonder how her little brain makes these connections.

Nursery rhymes are her favourite thing and also the source of most of what she knows or says. I prefer her renditions of popular rhymes like ‘Johnny, Johnny’, ‘Old McDonald’, ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’, ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’, ‘Hush Little Baby’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Once I Caught a Fish Alive’, ‘Baby Shark’, ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes’, ‘Rain, Rain Go Away’, and ‘Wheels on the Bus’ over the originals but then again, I might very well be biased!


With the weather turning and getting warmer, Gini has taken quite a liking for the swimming pool though she hasn’t been to any formal swimming lessons yet. She loves a good long session in the park where she gets about investigating the ground. She picks up different objects like stones or twigs and uses them to bang on the poles and metal swing seats to make different sounds. She can now climb the ladder and come down the slide all by herself and gets upset if I try to assist.

At home, containing her is a big problem. She is pulling herself up and climbing all sorts of furniture. She can reach the door knobs on tip-toes and has worked out the mechanism, very much to my dismay. Her favourite things to play with are pots and pans from the kitchen, my measuring spoons and toothbrushes! She also likes to play with her tea-set and wants to drink straight out of it.

Gone are the days when she toddled around with unsure steps. She is now constantly on the run. She also likes to jump which is all very well till she climbs on to furniture and jumps off of it.

Coming to the more trying side of things, some of the tantrums we have experienced this month have far surpassed anything in the past. The body going rigid, the breath holding, kicking, screaming and scratching have all reared their ugly heads. I despair every time she gets mildly upset because presently, it is hard to tell the difference between general fussiness and the onset of a major tantrum. It takes one blink of an eye for things to go majorly downhill.


Gini’s eating and sleeping habits continue to be poor. She had her first brush with viral fever this month and it left quite an impact on the appetite. She seems to be on the mend but it’s pretty hard to tell as everyday tends to be very different from the one that preceded or the one that’s approaching. On a good day, she now eats 3 main meals, 2 snacks and 1 bottle of milk before bed.

As for sleep, she goes down at around 1pm in the afternoon till about 3pm and then again at 9:30pm for 10 to 11 hours. I have played around with earlier bedtimes but since her daddy only comes home by 8pm, a late bedtime suits us the best. Trying to put her to sleep any earlier is the perfect recipe for unnecessary night time stress. I am happy with the number of hours of shut-eye she gets per day but I can’t help but wish away the bedtime delaying tactics and the daily struggles.

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