Skincare for Busy Mums

If you are a mum, you are busy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a stay at home mum or you work from home or are employed full-time. Being a mother means your hands are full. Whenever you are feeling the constraint of time, chances are, one or more areas of your personal life are suffering. Personal care is always the first to go.

Hands up if you have neglected yourself and given skincare a kick in the backside since your baby arrived. I will be the first one to raise both hands and scream ‘ME’. The months and months of neglect and precious little sleep had started to show on me. It had to one day, hadn’t it? as a result, I was fast becoming best-friends with my concealer and whipping it out at every given opportunity.

But when my parents started complaining about how I looked in the pictures I sent them everyday, I realised quick-fix makeup was no longer the solution. I needed to look after my skin. About three months back, I got rid of most of the skincare items sitting on my bathroom shelf and gathering dust. I did tons of research (thanks, YouTube) and replaced my old products with newer ones. I don’t know if the research paid off or if I just lucked out but a simple, religious skincare regime has fixed most of my beauty woes. Almost.

If your skin is like mine, I hope you will benefit from this post somehow. However, remember that I am not a dermatologist or an aesthetician so if you have any major problems, you should probably seek out one.

So, let’s start!

Problem: Dull, dehydrated skin

Cleanser: I start my routine off by using pure coconut or almond oil all over my face to melt my makeup. I do this even when I am not wearing makeup. I follow it up with either the Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution or the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser by the same brand. Both are non-foamy, goopy and mild. They clean my face thoroughly without stripping it dry.

PS – If I am wearing waterproof mascara, I go over my eye area gently with Bioderma Sendibio Micellar Water.


Toner: I am yet to find a toner that doesn’t irritate my skin. I have ordered the Pixi Glow Tonic from Cult Beauty but it’s yet to reach. In the meantime, I am skipping this step and spritzing my face with Vichy Eau Thermal instead.

Serum: During the day, I use Kaya Brightening Serum Intense Clarify HD and reach for The Victorian Garden Rosehip Healing Facial Serum at night. While the Kaya serum is gel-like in consistency and instantly brightens my face, the Rosehip serum is more oily and provides a surge of moisture at night. It helps me wake up with a plumpness that I love seeing on me. Another serum that I absolutely love for brighter skin tone is the Vitamin C Skin Boost by The Body Shop. If you have sensitive skin, you need to be careful with it, though.

Moisturiser: Another favourite from The Body Shop. This time, it is their Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Cream. The texture is silky, it glides on perfectly and leaves behind a plump glow. Definitely a go-to product for both my AM & PM routines. When this gets over, I will definitely repurchase it but will probably stick to it only during the day and grab a Retinol-based product for the nights.

SPF: As mentioned in the summer essentials for Gini post here, I absolutely love La Roche Posay’s Anthelios XL with SPF 50 and wear it everyday irrespective of whether I am going out or staying indoors. This product is a sunscreen hero and legends like Lisa Eldridge as well YouTube gurus all swear by it. However, this isn’t just a summer product and is something I apply even in the colder months. It is lightweight, absorbs easily, doesn’t leave a white-cast, doesn’t smell especially sunscreen-y and doesn’t break me out. What else could I ask for?


Masks: This is a bi-weekly treatment that I pamper my skin with. Currently, I am totally into The Face Shop and Innisfree sheet masks. Another okay product is the Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Brightening Beauty Pack. While it isn’t all that great at Brightening my face, the clay-like consistency does a good job of cleaning my face.

I know that apart from taking care of my skin’s outward appearance, I also need to watch what I eat. I am taking baby-steps in that direction and will talk about my efforts in another post.

PS – If you are breastfeeding, please do your own research and confirm that the ingredients that constitute these or any other skincare products are safe to use.

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