The Controversial Parenting Tag – II

#7 Spanking

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should be answering this question. This is perhaps one of the most hotly debated topics related to parenting and advocates of both pro and anti-spanking squads can be pretty intimidating and aggressive. But half-baked measure won’t cut it for me. If I have decided to be a part of the parenting tag, I must answer all the questions truthfully. And here’s my truthful answer to the spanking debate – I don’t think there is any harm in a light smack on the bum once in a while to teach kids their boundaries. In my humble opinion, spanking or smacking as a disciplinary measure as opposed to punishment is not harmful. Needless to say, I am obviously not in support of actual beating up of kids in a moment of lost control but when a parent is fully aware and is not merely reacting to a trigger of annoyance, exhaustion etc., I am okay with it.

#8 Co-Sleeping

While co-sleeping in eastern cultures is the done deal, western societies seem to have a morbid fear of it. Since my baby was born in Cape Town, I was frowned upon or totally ignored by doctors, health visitors and nurses when I told them I co-slept with my baby. One doctor even stopped mid-sentence, let out an audible sigh and said, “You do know you are really harming your child, don’t you?” I was quite shaken by that reaction but I chose to change my doctor instead of my practice. Why? Because saying that I was ‘harming’ my child by co-sleeping with her was really stretching it too far. I understand it is the duty of medical professionals to point out the dangers of an adult and a baby sleeping in the same bed and I am in full agreement but these brainwashing tactics annoy the cr*p out of me. Point out dangers, suggest ways to minimise said dangers, leave it on the parents to make an informed choice based on their family’s dynamics, move on. Simple.

#9 Home Vs Public Vs Private Vs Charter Schooling

Not sure what charter schooling is. Yet to arrive at a decision that I am a hundred percent happy with or sure of. This will have to wait.

#10 Vaccinations

Pro-vaccines. Enough said.

#11 Medicating Children

I am not sure I understand this question. Do they mean medicating children when they are ill? Because if they do then yes, I believe in medicating them should they need it. No, I don’t rush in with a spoonful of medication at the first sneeze or the slightest discomfort but neither do I hold back from offering some for the particular ailment that she is suffering from demands. As long as it’s the right medication for the illness, as long as it is a medical opinion and not a layman’s diagnosis, as long as proper care is being taken to only give the right dose, I am in support of medicating children to relieve them of misery.

#12 Cloth Vs Disposable Diapers

I like the idea of cloth diapers, I really do. But honestly, they are not for me. Sorry environment, I really don’t think I can cope with the pressure of washing poop and pee off tiny pieces of cloth every night and disinfecting them over everything else.

#13 Cry It Out Method

I don’t want to get into details here. Suffice it to say that CIO or the Cry It Out method is definitely not for me or my baby. I did sleep train Gini at 11 months (you can real all about it here) and it was a success but I didn’t employ the CIO method. Sleep training in general made me a little uncomfortable (I know, I am a wuss) so there was no question of opting for CIO.

So there you have it, my attempt at the Controversial Parenting Tag. What do you feel about these questions? I would love to hear your take on them.


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