5 Instagram Accounts Worth Following

You know what the naysayers will say, the world of Instagram is manipulated and make-believe. It is just as real as unicorns and fairies are. But for me, my daily life is as much reality as I need in a day, thank you. I go to Instagram with my eyes wide open. I go there with the sole intention of feasting them on beautiful images without always wanting what I see. And since beauty is something that needs to be shared, here are my top picks for Instagram accounts you must follow.

Get comfy, get a snack, you are about to go on one gloriously filtered ride.


My top pick for this category is a recent discovery called Bruisedpassports. A friend and I were talking about wanting to visit Seoul and Tokyo when she sent me the link to a beautiful cherry-blossom smothered picture of an Instagram account documenting a recent visit to Seoul and from that moment on, I have been hooked to these guys. You will be too. Their account is one glorious colour spectacle.

Who is behind @bruisedpassports? The stunning husband&wife duo of Vid and Savi, old-time sweethearts and now, fellow world-travellers. While she pens detailed, well-written articles on their blog bruisedpasdports.com, he is the one behind the camera. Fairytale much? Go check out their pictures! My passport might not be very bruised but I am having one hell of a ride with their stunning pictures. Thanks, guys!



If luxe, drool-worthy fashion inspiration that is utter gorgeousness your thing then, Tijan Serena Mazour is your girl and her Instagram account @tijanserena your altar. Dip into her account only if you have a good few hours to yourself because once you are sucked in, it will be very, VERY, hard not to keep scrolling, to keep pressing the heart on each photo. You have been warned. Tijan’s insta account is my guilty pleasure. It is one that I cannot help compulsively checking every couple of hours. Talk about being smitten!



Another recent discovery and one that I can’t help recommend to everyone I come across is Sadia from @pickuplimesdotcom. Apart from having an Instagram account of dreams, she also has a fabulous website pickuplimes.com that is a treasure trove of nutrition-based articles and simple, delicious recipes as well as a YouTube account that has gone absolutely viral in the last week and is going from milestone to milestone like there’s no tomorrow. And here is the best part – I haven’t come across anyone as deserving of such overnight success as Sadia in recent times. She is a gentle but inspiring champion of the plant-based diet, doles out genius recipes and meal ideas, is a great photographer, writes like a seasoned-pro, has a house decorated with plant accents, is an avid traveler, is active,  is minimal and knows some serious magic (you only have to look at her subscriber count on YouTube everyday to realise what I mean). Thanks to her, I have started making my own granola, hummus, tapenade, vegan ‘Nutella’, jam and a whole lot of wholesome snacks. Need I say more?


For outstanding food photography, my one and only pick is @_foodstories_ Though everyone fancies themselves a food photographer these days, I have seldom seen better food pictures than the ones on @_foodstories_.  As much as I love flatlays with pristine white backgrounds, I am pretty bored of them. This is where foodstories comes in with a freshness unique to them. Go check them out and prepare to salivate and feel very, very hungry.


Mummy Blogging/Vlogging:
If you know me, you know my weakness. It’s YouTube. I have a special talent for staying up till ungodly hours watching video after video. Though I watch lots of different kinds of videos, mummy bloggers/bloggers are the people I spend majority of my time with. Which is why picking a favourite is not only difficult but seemingly disloyal too. My bunch of blogging mummies have seen me through many a drab days and anxious moments so I won’t be playing favourites with them. Instead of providing you with the 5th Instagram account to follow, I will give you 5 of them! I will mention all the ones I can really resonate with and here goes my list – @itsjulesfurness @mummyintheknow @ysis @mrsemilynorris and @uphillbaby.

So there you have it, a whole lot of stunning feeds for your viewing pleasure. What are your top ones?


Images courtesy @bruisedpassports @tijanserena @pickuplimesdotcom @_foodstories_ @itsjulesfurness @mrsemilynorris

Featured image courtesy @_foodstories_

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