8 Baby Names We Love But Won’t Be Using

Deciding on a name for our baby was one of the hardest things we have had to agree on so far. Both of us wanted a unique but easy to spell name; we just couldn’t bring ourselves on the same page. Though we are both very pleased with what we finally went for (Gini is just a nickname, not her official name, in case you are wondering), there were many others that made the long list. Here, I am sharing with you 8 such baby names we loved but don’t have a use for anymore:

1. Leilani

This made it to the list the moment I started looking at baby names even before we found out the gender of our baby. I love that it’s easy to say, is feminine and has a lyrical feel to it but my husband wasn’t totally sold on it.

2. Aaravi

Both my husband and I liked this name for its simplicity but didn’t love it enough and so were always on the fence. And when we found out that a Bollywood star kid is called Aarav, we decided we didn’t want it. Though there is nothing wrong with a Bollywood inspired name, we didn’t want it for our little one.

3. Adya

I love Adya. It is short, sweet, simple, traditional. I mean, what’s not to like? Though I know a few Adyas, that was not a deterrent as the chances of these little girls crossing paths and getting mistaken for each other was slim. But my husband ruled it out without ever spending too much time with it. Tut-tut.

4. Miraya

Of all the possible candidates, this is probably the most beautiful. Even the daddy loved it the moment he heard it. Coupled with our surname, it would have been rather dreamy! But the name’s taken by a beautiful little family member! I still pine for it.


5. Fravaashi

I wasn’t sure of including this name here because I still love it. No, correction. WE still love it. We have had this name on our minds even before we got married. We found this word in a book that we read together before the wedding. It wasn’t even a character’s name – just mentioned as a concept and we found it beautiful. You never know, I might go back to it and make it mine if we ever have another girl. I love it that much.

6. Mayil

Mayil. Isn’t it pretty? I seem to have a thing for short and sweet names but as it turns out, my husband is not on board with me. To those who have or ever will name their girls Mayil, I am jealous of you!!

7. Reynav

This list would be incomplete without a couple of baby boy names. After all, for 5 whole weeks, I was told I was having a boy only to be told otherwise later. During that time, the first name we agreed on was Reynav. Looking back, my only grudge against the name is that along with its variations (Ronav, Rounav etc.), it is getting rather popular.

8. Samidh

Another boy name that I liked. Not for how it sounded but what it meant – perfect. That’s also the reason hubby didn’t want it. He said he didn’t want his son to grow up thinking he had to be perfect or feel the need to live up to it. Fair play to him. But someone might like it.

I hope you liked at least a name or two from my contenders list. If you did, don’t forget to let me know!


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