My Baby’s Favourite Snacks

I don’t enjoy my baby’s mealtimes. I never have. I admit, things are a lot easier than how they used to be. A LOT. They just haven’t reached the point where I could lovingly make something, anything, for her and she would polish the food off her bowl, eating and relishing every morsel.

Maybe we will get there one day. Maybe not. Some days are good, even close to perfection; some days are not. Mealtimes are always tricky or so I am told. So my love-hate saga will probably continue for years to come. In the meantime, there is something else that I am thoroughly enjoying. Mini mealtimes aka snack-time!

In my household, mealtimes need supervision, a whole lot of singing, some clapping and dancing, some prodding and some pleading (autocorrect tried to make it pleasing and that wouldn’t be wrong either. Meals involve a lot of pleasing and buttering, don’t they?). And that’s why I like snack-time. No supervision required. Easy-breezy. With that said, here are a few snacks that Ginny enjoys. Hope you find some of them useful!

Simple, no-cook, one-bowl snacks don’t get easier than this. Ginny enjoys a range of fruits and there is very little from the seasonal produce that she won’t try. Some of her favourites include mangoes, grapes, pomegranates, watermelons and bananas. Just by themselves or with a bowl of plain yogurt, this is one of our regular snacks.


Dry fruits
My child would eat candy everyday if I would let her. Of course, I don’t! But I offer a substitute, a ‘dupe’, if you will. And what’s that? Dry fruit, of course. Nature’s very own candy! She loves raisins, dried watermelons, apples, pears, papayas, seedless dates and figs. The only thing she can’t stand is dried cranberries.

Peanut Butter and Banana Fingers
Toast or fry two slices of bread in butter till golden and crisp. Spread peanut butter on both sides. Line banana rounds on one slice and cover it with the other. Press lightly so the banana slices go slightly mushy. Cut into fingers and serve. I also sprinkle flaxseed powder onto the buttered sides.


Ginny is absolutely, fanatically in love with cheese. Cheddar, to be specific. She isn’t into the processed cheese slices (who can blame her?) or spreads as much as she loves hunks of cheddar with some grapes to go. One of the easiest, non-fussiest snack ideas that is always at hand and I am grateful that she loves the cheese and fruit combo so much.

Do you see a pattern? I stick to pretty easy snacks. Call it lazy but one has to simplify life and since I make all of her main meals from scratch, I can’t seem to find the time or the inclination to make her snacks as well. I love to give her wholewheat crackers because one can go to town with the choice of toppings. From peanut butter & jelly to hummus, cheese, other nut butters, fruits, scrambled eggs, vegetables, the list is exhaustive!

Well, there are always exceptions to the rules. My lazy, easy snack rule has one too: parathas! My daughter is a recent paratha convert mainly because I have just now learnt to make them. I know. *Indian Mama FAIL* Ever since the day I cracked them, I have been making these whole-wheat goodies with a vengeance. Cheese stuffed paratha, beetroot and carrot paratha, spinach paratha, potato stuffed paratha, lentil paratha or the plain paratha, she loves them all. Coupled with a bowl of plain yogurt, they also make for a good breakfast.


Now let’s not pretend that Ginny only has healthy options for snacks. Sundays are treat days in our house and we all look forward to them with enthusiasm. Mention Sunday and her little face lights up. If I haven’t baked a cake that week or made some nice cream (read all about it here), we go out and get an ice cream or whatever else that she fancies.

What are your go-to snacks?

PS: Going forward, I will be referring to my daughter as ‘Ginny’, which was meant to be the spelling of her name, anyway. I simplified the spelling right in the beginning (I am not even sure why) but people are always saying it wrong so I want to put it to rest. I am not sure a spelling change will help but one can always try. I will be changing my domain name too in the future.


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