My Evening Routine

There is no dearth of bizarre trends. Look around, you will bump into one in no time. The trend of sharing with the world what you do on a regular evening or morning definitely qualifies. Every parenting YouTube channel worth its subscribers has done a my evening routine slash my night-time routine slash get un-ready with me video. Just silly, all of it.  Yet, I am doing my own version of it. After all, who am I to question popular trending topics? Plus, it’s pure entertainment. Nothing quite like nosiness hey?

Without further ado, here’s how my evening routine plays out:


6:30pm: I start off with dimming the lights or going from glaring fluorescent to warm, hygge lighting. Then, I reluctantly make my way to the kitchen to get dinner done. I have never been a cooking enthusiast and my enthusiasm for the chore has hit an all-time low. But tummies need to be filled. So I rustle up the easiest thing I can think of, improvise recipes to suit my reluctance and throw the towel in as soon as I can. I also use this time to prepare the morning meal for the canine baby (our newest member, yoohoo!), pack a snack box for Gini, wash Gini’s sippers and fill one for school, lay out her clothes for the next morning, and wash the things I will need for breakfast.

7:30pm: Feed the doggo. At least she never complains. Daddy walks in by 7:00pm and takes doggy out for her evening walk right after she finishes her meal.


8:00pm: Dinner-time for Gini. Unfortunately, she will sit still for dinner only when she is sitting in front of a screen watching a bunch of Eastern European kids get into all sorts of mischief. I detest this habit of hers but for now, I am giving in. Fighting far too many battles to take on another one.


8:30pm: Gini gets some crazy downtime with her Papa. Furry girl joins in eagerly and the three of them undo all my efforts to make our living room liveable. Another battle that I don’t fight.

9:00pm: Hubs and I sit down for dinner while the kids continue to play or try to snatch food from our plates. Is this another battle I let go off? You bet not! I get into my bossy-pants and put the girls in their respective places (quite literally).

9:15pm: Bath time for Gini. It also involves brushing her teeth, some nuddy running around monkeyness, oil massage and putting on a fresh pair of PJs.

9:45pm: Gini goes to bed. Hubs and I take turns to take her to her room and settle her in.

After Gini sleeps: I wipe down the dining table, the high chair tray and the kitchen slab whilst giving the kitchen a quick tidy up. On nights when her Papa has bedtime duty, I do the tidying while they are settling in.

Party time: It’s finally time to kick back. I light a candle, do my simple skincare routine and get into something comfortable. Four nights a week, Hubs gets busy with his music while I read/while my time away on social media. On the other three nights, we watch something on Netflix or sit with our respective devices in companionable silence till it’s time to tuck in.

And that’s a wrap for the evening as well as this post. Cheerio!


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