My Morning Routine (Weekdays/School Days)

Seeing that I have jumped into the whole trends/trending stories bandwagon with my last post (all about my evening routine), I now intend to take it all the way up to the finish line and update all of you about my weekday morning routine too. Which pans out something like this (with the exception of unexceptionally hectic mornings every now and again thanks to oversleeping or general morning dourness):

7:00am: The alarm goes mental but I don’t break into a sweat over it. I open just one eye and switch it off. I wonder why I don’t delete the 7:00am altogether since I never wake up when it goes off!


7:30am: It’s either the second alarm or the little miss that wakes me up. Nope, not Gini. The other missy who is by now desperate to attend to nature’s calls. I ninja my way out of bed, get her leash on and off we go sauntering. It’s while I am on this walk that I truly wake up. The point till I get out of my front door is done automatically.

8:00am: Gini wakes up. By this time, Baby #2 and I are usually back from our walk. If not, Papa brings Gini to our bed and they snuggle till we come in.

As soon as we are back, doggy baby takes her place near her bowl and waits impatiently as I warm up her homemade dog food before serving it up.


8:30am: Breakfast time for Gini. As a ritual, I tell her to behave herself and remind her of the things she mustn’t do. I also have a big mug of warm water with a dash of ACV in it.

8:45am: By now, Papa has showered and dressed in the clothes that he irons the night before to save a few precious minutes in the morning. Every little bit of work done previously, every little thing ticked off the check-list goes towards making our mornings calmer. He then makes us cups of steaming tea. Robust Indian tea with milk and sugar, thank you. He also gets us our bowls of cereal.


The three of us chit-chat at the breakfast table and depending on how things are progressing that day, it is either my most favourite time of the morning or the least.

9:00am: I get Gini ready for nursery while the husband busies himself with his guitar for a few minutes of calm before the trying day starts. I brush Gini’s teeth, dress her, change her diaper and do her hair.

9:20am: Papa and Gini are off, yay!

10:00am: From the time father and daughter leave till about ten in the morning, I power through my chores including making the beds, cleaning the counters and surfaces and a general tidy around the house. Thankfully, we have a lady coming in every morning to help clean without whom the house would have certainly resembled a tip.


While she does her job, I get busy with my freelance projects or write a few blogposts (which I haven’t done in sometime) or work on my top-secret other project. Fur baby I also sneak in a snack at some point. And that’s how my mornings and my morning routine wrap up.

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