January Favourites

It’s quite unnerving, isn’t it, to think that the first month of the New Year has almost come to an end? I read somewhere recently that after you cross the age of 27, life speeds up and I can truly vouch for it. At times, it makes me feel good that life is moving fast. It means that I am doing things I truly enjoy. But it also means I am constantly trying to slow things down, albeit unsuccessfully. For instance, I really want to slow down my daughter’s childhood. It’s chugging along too fast. I know all mothers say it but they do because it’s the absolute truth. Very soon, the books on the 0-3 years of life will be redundant. It’s such a scary feeling.

Anyway, before I run off on this tangent, let me ground myself. I am here to talk about January of 2018 and all the things I enjoyed this month. Let’s tuck in, shall we?


  • Pukka Teas – This year, wellness is well and truly on my mind. One of my biggest problem areas is sleep. I find it very difficult to sleep despite doing the usual wind-down sort of things. I don’t use bright lights in the house post 8PM, I try to get in a calm mood, read etc. but still find it hard to drift off. It’s as if my mind bursts into life the moment my head hits the pillow. This month, I have tried to get a night-time routine into place mostly because waking up early isn’t just something I would like to do; it is a necessity. So I have included a good facial massage into my skincare routine and have started drinking this particular tea. Now I don’t know if it’s really the tea but I find winding down much, much easier. The tea I am referring to is the Pukka Herbs Night Time Tea. With ginseng, licorice, green tea and turmeric among other things, this tea has something about it that makes me feel relaxed and drowsy within minutes. Definitely recommend it.

PS – The whole Pukka Herbs range is worth trying out. I have also started drinking the detox tea in the mornings and it has made me look forward to them.


  • The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey – When it comes to reading, 2017 was a dismal year. I am appalled to say that my total tally of books read in the year probably didn’t touch double digits. This is why I intend to get into the habit with renewed gusto. Reading has always been my guilty pleasure, my preferred means of escape since the time I was a little girl. And with everything that’s going on in my life now, I definitely need an escape now much more than I did this time last year. To ensure that, this month, I have tucked into three books and I have loved each one of them. But the one that stood out to me was definitely The Snow Child. It’s probably not the best way to describe it but the words that leap out when I think of the book are: historical fiction, fairy tale, unusual love, stark beauty, characters to love and care for and haunting imagery. Give this a shot even if my description of it doesn’t cut it for you. You won’t regret it.

Honourable Mention – The Wonderful Weekend Book by Elspeth Thompson. Slightly outdated and not worth the favourite slot but some nice little ideas in there for sure.

  • Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream and Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack – I might be a little late to jump into the Innisfree boat but I am glad I am finally on it. I am thoroughly enjoying the Orchid range, be it the essence or the eye cream. But the facial cream is what is rocking my boat and how! It wears wonderfully under makeup. In fact, the slight tackiness of it probably even helps the longevity of makeup. It provides a shot of hydration and has an almost instant effect on the plumpness of my skin. I love how it makes me look alive which could explain why I am going foundation-free more and more often. While the cream is beautiful in itself, it is probably also amply aided by the Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack in the effects that it has on my skin. Also by Innisfree, this stuff is little luxury in a screw-top jar. I am a big fan of sleeping masks in general and this mask has impressed me enough to be counted among my top favourites along with the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.
  • Organic India Ashwagandha capsules – I reserved the best for the last and I am not saying it lightly. Maybe I am imagining things, maybe it is something else but ever since I started popping them, I have felt centered, focused and very calm. I feel at ease, at peace. These are things I haven’t felt in quite some time so this has definitely been a pleasant change. Despite a lot of things being up in the air, I don’t feel as restless and anxious as I did prior to starting this. Organic India Ashwagandha capsules consist of a powder made from the root housed in a vegetarian capsule. These are safe and can be used long term without any implications. While Ashwagandha is used for a variety of reasons, it is the mood stabilizing abilities of it that have me enthralled. My husband too is having them but I haven’t spoken to him about its effects mainly because prior to writing this out, I have been not even vocalized my feelings for the fear of jinxing all the good it is doing. Do your research. This could be for you too.




Picture Credits: pukkaherbs.com & innisfreeworld.com

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