Funny Things My Two Year Old Says

Just a few samples of the things Ginny says at age 2.8 that make me chuckle:


“You are a BOY” – when she is upset with me.

“You are always a princess” – when she is trying to butter me up.

“Papa is an uncle” – when she is upset with him.

“I want go inside the phone to play with baby shark.”

“Papa calls my piano a toy. How can it be a toy? It’s REAL” – referring to her toy keyboard.

In the art supplies shop:

Shop Assistant, “Sorry, we don’t have any playdough.”

Ginny, “No playdough? What does it even mean?”

“Oh, I am so tired” in a very dramatic voice.

“Mama, be happy.”

“Mama, may I have some medicine please?”

“Wake up, Papa, wake up.”

“I want to be cozy with Papa.”

“Let’s watch Pinkfong on the big TV.”

“Mama, I want to play outside and get so dirty.”

“Let’s go ‘fufu.’” (Fufu = drive)

“I was lying in the grass and looking at the sun today.”

“Ginny’s blanket is white and Ishan’s blanket is blue and purple and red and orange and green and…”

“I want to touch the rain and I want to jump in the water (by water, she meant muddy puddles).”

During bath time:

“No water on the head, Mama. Ginny will cry so much. Water only on the shoulders. Then Ginny will laugh so much.”

“No. This is not nice” – referring to some food or the other that I painstakingly prepare for her.

“Wow, bread and jam so yummy.”

“Wow, I found my ball. It was hiding under the bed.”

“I want to sit on my potty and squeeze.”

“I want night.”

“No schooly-schooly tomorrow.”

“I ate an ice cream today. It was a real ice cream. It was brown and white and cold. I licked it. Papa gave me the real ice cream” – an absolutely imaginary account of what happened during the day.

“I don’t want to read the good night book. It’ not sleepy-sleepy time, Mama.”

“What are you doing, Mama? Make-up?”

“Mama, say aww-le.”

“Faster, faster, faster” – starts chanting this as soon as she boards a flight.

“No, I didn’t do it” – runs and says this even before I can spot the carnage that’s courtesy her.

“Sorry for hoping, Mama” – says with a big laugh. I have absolutely no idea what it means.

“Wow, Janis did a chocolate poop” – points at you-know-what when she says that.



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