How I Potty-Trained My 2 Year Old in 2 Days

G's 3rd birthday is only two months away. The closer I get to the date, the more I want to elongate the time that's left of the second year. I have spent this past long weekend thinking back on the year it has been. I am happy to report that age two was not as hard... Continue Reading →

Three Weeks in Canada – A Travelogue

On the 31st of July, 2017, my husband and I left for Canada for almost three weeks, leaving our little girl in the care of my in-laws. The emotional upheaval aside (you can read all about it here), this trip marked many firsts and quite a few lasts. The memories of those weeks have been... Continue Reading →

Raising a Bilingual Child

There are a lot of myths surrounding language and kids. Should the child’s mother tongue be the first language she learns? How about English or any other second language? When should that be introduced? Does introducing more than one language too early on confuse and delay the child’s progress? When my daughter was 7 months... Continue Reading →

January Favourites

It’s quite unnerving, isn’t it, to think that the first month of the New Year has almost come to an end? I read somewhere recently that after you cross the age of 27, life speeds up and I can truly vouch for it. At times, it makes me feel good that life is moving fast.... Continue Reading →

Life Lately

A lot has happened in my life since I last posted. I toyed with the idea of skimming over the details and writing another post like nothing had happened. But I guess this blog is as much for me (and posterity) as it is for you, dear readers. So I have decided to write a Life... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Drink More Water

You already know that you should be drinking lots of water every day. From clearing out skin to aiding digestion and boosting immunity, staying hydrated has many benefits. But if you are anything like me, you might find yourself struggling to keep up with the amount that needs to be consumed daily. I know I... Continue Reading →

My Evening Routine

There is no dearth of bizarre trends. Look around, you will bump into one in no time. The trend of sharing with the world what you do on a regular evening or morning definitely qualifies. Every parenting YouTube channel worth its subscribers has done a my evening routine slash my night-time routine slash get un-ready... Continue Reading →

5 Things I No Longer Buy

Before I get all preachy, here is a little disclaimer. I am not totally immune to consumerism. I try to only buy things that I need and not just want but occasionally (and that has happened far too often lately), I give in and dive head-along into the black hole of consumption. So why am... Continue Reading →

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