Raising a Bilingual Child

There are a lot of myths surrounding language and kids. Should the child’s mother tongue be the first language she learns? How about English or any other second language? When should that be introduced? Does introducing more than one language too early on confuse and delay the child’s progress? When my daughter was 7 months... Continue Reading →

How to Have a Mindful Morning

Do you feel like scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed the moment you wake up in the mornings? Do you check your WhatsApp messages and start replying even before you have got yourself out of bed? If you have answered yes to either question, don’t worry, you are in majority. Most of us have... Continue Reading →

The Controversial Parenting Tag

The controversial parenting tag that's quite popular on YouTube is essentially 13 questions on controversial or taboo subjects related to parenting. Subjects that are not discussed or if they are, then only in hushed tones with people you trust with your life. When I first saw one such video pop up on my YouTube feed,... Continue Reading →

Hello! Let’s Start Again

Hi there everyone, It has been a long time since I last posted here. It was way back in July 2016! Since then, a new year has come into our lives that doesn't even feel so new anymore. I will try to explain why I have been away. But first, I hope the time that... Continue Reading →

Surviving the 1st Year of Parenthood

I have been a parent for a year now. I have survived the first year of parenthood. Unbelievable? Yes. Unbelievably tough? Oh yes. But even so, unbelievably incredibly wonderful? You bet! In some senses, the warm sensation of giving birth is still coursing through every part of my being. But in a lot of other... Continue Reading →

Gini Turns 1: 12th Month Baby Update

It happened. Time flew. 365 days came and went and my little baby made the momentous leap from babyhood to toddler territory. I remember sitting on my swing 6 months back and thinking, my baby isn't a newborn anymore. Sitting at the same place, I am pondering if my baby is a baby anymore as... Continue Reading →

A Year With Gini

She sits turning her toy, a little giraffe, in her hands. The toy has her rapt attention. Her mind is alight with questions and probabilities and this reflects in her deep, dark eyes. Her rosebud lips pout ever so gently as she concentrates on the little thing. When she manages to twist its tail with... Continue Reading →

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